Workshop: Developing an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda for Arctic Air Pollution – Natural and Social Science


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ASSW 2017 venue, Prague, Czech Republic


Attendees: maximum 30 international scientists and experts on natural and social sciences in the Arctic including early career researchers

The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. to develop joint and concrete research questions among social and natural sciences on local Arctic air pollution sources and their impacts
  2. to define priority geographic research areas,
  3. to identify the geographical, cultural and scientific scope of the WG activities
  4. to gain members for the interdisciplinary working group within the PACES activity on the theme “Arctic Air Pollution and Societies” that will be in charge of facilitating the inter- and transdisciplinary research in the coming years (Working Group 2).


Specific topics to be discussed will be how to:

  1. develop ways to understand in-Arctic air pollution sources and their development trajectories through natural-social science collaboration,
  2. explore community based observing (CBO) in pilot programs in key regions and opportunities for further efforts,
  3. explore topics related to legal frameworks, service delivery, health impacts, communication, and broader issues of trust.



This workshop will provide a forum for focused discussions, building on ideas from two previous PACES meetings held in 2015 (Boulder and Helsinki, see and the “Air pollution and Arctic Societies” workshop in Fairbanks during ASSW 2016, a preparatory meeting to the proposed activity. Follow-up meetings on research ideas, methodological development, development of community based monitoring approaches specific to the theme, as well as establishing connections to Arctic communities are planned for 2017 and 2018. This timeline is aligned with the schedule for dedicated atmospheric chemistry measurement campaigns under PACES. A white paper draft for WG 2 activities will be available by then.